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Emma Goodbehere BMUS Hons

Emma began playing music at the age of 4. She attended Suzuki group lessons and private lessons on piano and violin. At 10 years old she decided to play the cello.

During her secondary school years she formed chamber groups and entered into the Westpac Schools Chamber Music Competition and in her final year at school, her group reached the National final.

When she was 16 years old, she began teaching Suzuki Cello. Emma has completed all of her Suzuki Cello training and plans to one day travel to America and Japan to further her training. Currently, she has a studio of over 30 students ranging from 3 years old to 18 years old.

Emma attended Victoria University and completed a Bachelor of Music with first class honours majoring in performance on modern Cello and baroque Cello as a second instrument.

After finishing her degree she felt that she needed time to focus on the Baroque cello. She auditioned at Cantorum Basellinus in Basel, Switzerland and Koninklijk Conservatorium in Den Haag, Netherlands and was accepted into both. Koninklijk Conservatorium was able to give her more opportunities in chamber, orchestral and academic study during a study of one year so she accepted the offer of study. She then completed a post-graduate certificate for advanced studies on Baroque Cello studying with Jaap ter Linden.

In 2009, Emma began her Suzuki Early Childhood Education training with Emma O'Keefe (Perth, Australia). Her Let's Twinkle Early Childhood programme begun in June 2009. In September/October 2010, Emma was very privileged to study with Dorothy Jones, the founder of the Suzuki Early Childhood Education programme. She has now completed her ECE studies up to Stage 3 level. Emma plans to complete her studies in the next two years. She is also currently studying towards a Diploma in Child and Adolescent Psychology.


Emma Goodbehere and Dorothy Jones (Founder of the Suzuki Early Childhood Education programme) in Auckland during training, Sept/Oct 2010.
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