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Woodblocks for Small Hands

Molly 22m

Beater length 15cm
Diameter 1.5cm
Weight 1g


Block total length 12.5cm
Barrel diameter 3.5cm
Handel length 7cm
Weight 2g


Woodblock       Woodblock with_teacup
Great for little hands! Makes a good sound.
Wood will vary depending on availability.


1 woodblock $30 + postage
2 or more woodblocks $25 each + postage


This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Emma to place an order.


About the Maker:

Mike Cudby started his career in Cabinetmaking when he was 15, working under the house and subsequently took on a Cabinetmaking apprenticeship, a part of which was woodturning which he had a passion for.  After completing his apprenticeship he started his own furniture manufacturing business (Cudby & Meade).  This was in 1962 and sold the business over 45 years later.  He then retired to Taupo where he enjoys his passion for working with wood and of course, woodturning.

Jesse 25m



Curriculum CD

Baby Class_CD_Image

A beautiful CD with action songs and rhymes used in class, plus lovely lullabies.

When you enroll in class, the CD is in your start-up pack.

Available to non-class members for $45 + postage.


Email Emma to place an order.

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