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What is the Let's Twinkle programme?

The Let's Twinkle programme is a Suzuki Early Childhood Education Music programme for 0-3 year olds and their parents.

There are 2 classes for different age groups:

Twinkling Tots - Group music class for newborns, babies and toddlers (0-3yrs).

Pre-Twinklers - Individual lessons for children over 3 years old who are interested in learning the Cello.

All classes provide opportunities for intellectual, social, emotional and physical development, as well as lay the foundation for future Suzuki instrument classes. Nursery rhymes and action songs are used to develop these skills.

Suzuki Early Childhood Education is the realisation of potential through active and reactive participation in the environment. The environment is defined as all that surrounds the child, before and after birth.


How is the programme unique?

The Suzuki Early Childhood Music programme is unique for several reasons.

We believe that:

  • Every child has a huge potential and is able to learn from a very early age. The learning process begins in the womb.
  • The parent is the first and most important teacher of the child.
  • Each child develops at his or her own rate. Every step forward, no matter how small, should be celebrated.
  • A set repertoire with layering of more complex skills, forms the basis for future skill development.

We know that:

  • Children learn from one another and respond most effectively in environments with children both younger and older around them.
  • A calm, rich environment, with plenty of adult modelling is necessary for learning to take place.
  • Gentle, positive encouragement produces better results than coaxing or pushing.
  • A regular routine of listening to the CD at home, will foster familiarity with the songs and rhymes sung in class. This will result in quicker active participation and language development.
  • What is involved in the Let's Twinkle programme?

    A teacher leads classes which are held once a week in groups. A well-placed series of traditional songs and rhymes are used as stimulus for movement, singing and percussion playing. This programme is then developed into more instrument specific tasks when the child reaches the Pre-Twinkle class.

    Parents are encouraged to observe their child and others.

    Our emphasis on active parent participation means that we encourage one parent per child in order to maximise the support possible.

    Classes help prepare parent and child for entry into a Suzuki instrumental programme, enrich any concurrent study, or simply foster all-round development and a love of music.


    Why is it useful?

    A great deal is being discovered about the importance of nurturing listening and attention skills in the very first years of life. Music is recognised as the best tool to assist with such development. Researchers and educators have found that environments rich in music tend to develop learning and communications skills more quickly in youngsters. Through music, children not only develop musical skills but become focused, sensitive, caring, disciplined and self-confident.

    Taking turns at playing the instruments fosters patience, and a sense of sharing. Building anticipation in this way increases openness to learning, promotes good listening skills and an awareness of beautiful sounds.

    The quick pacing, variety and repetition of activities facilitates the thorough development of life learning skills.

    Children become increasingly attentive and highly motivated as the classes progress. Because of this, they gain a fantastic head start when it comes to schooling. Their listening skills and ability to follow instructions have been honed from day one.

    The Let's Twinkle programme gives an amazing start to your child’s beautiful life.


    Quotes to consider…

    “Every child grows. Ability is not inborn. It is a physiological condition… in response to the environment since birth. For the sake of our children, let us educate them from the cradle to have noble minds, a high sense of values and splendid ability.”
    Dr Sinichi Suzuki
    “The uniqueness of Suzuki Early Childhood Education is the emphasis on the natural development of the child from birth and the rich and stimulating learning partnerships that are developed with parents and teachers.”
    Dorothy Jones founder of the Suzuki Early Childhood Education programme
    “One thing everyone agrees on is that children who have been exposed to much music early in life are extremely bright and very fluent in language. When children have musical opportunities, it helps their emotional development and their language skills.”
    John Blacking Professor of Social Anthropology at Queen’s University of Belfast
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