Week 5 - Environment Nurtures Growth
"Talent is not inherited or inborn but has to be educated and developed."
Dr Suzuki - Nurtured By Love

"If a child hears good music and learns to play it himself he develops sensitivity, discipline and endurance."
Clifford Cook - Suzuki Education in Action

"Children live, see and feel, and their ability develops to fit their surroundings."
Dr Suzuki - Nurtured By Love

“When parents, teachers and adults around the child are supportive and helpful, when they reward the child with positive feedback for efforts they make and when they show acceptance of the small successes that children have, the environment is nurturing and helpful for growth.”
Dorothy Jones

"The environment determines the person."
Dr Suzuki - Ability Development from Age Zero

"It is a superior environment that has the greatest effect in creating superior abilities."
Dr Suzuki - Nurtured By Love
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