Week 7 - Success breeds Success
"Develop ability from what a child can already do and that ability will promote the happiness of doing things better and better. An unlimited amount of ability can develop when parent and child are having fun together. It is simple but often overlooked."
Dr Suzuki - Ability Development from Age Zero

"...extremely easy material was chosen at the start, and all the children accomplished what was set with no mistakes and full marks. This was a start in building confidence and enthusiasm. He made sure that every child understood the material and made no mistakes."
Dr Suzuki - The Law of Ability an The 'Mother Tongue Method' of Education

“Success in any task has some implicit rewards but when the environment provides some social or physical rewards like approval or a hug, the child quickly learns to repeat the effort.”
Dorothy Jones

"Ability develops through practice."
Dr Suzuki - Nurtured By Love
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