Week 2 - Every Child Can
"Every child has the potential to develop amazing ability"
Dr Suzuki - Young Children's Talent Education and Its Method

Children develop skills through repetition. The more advanced they become at these skills the more we extend their learning with gradually layering new skills on top of the old. Thorough mastery of one skill allows the next skill is to be easily learned. Children love repetition, but adults however, become ‘tired’ of it! Try and be the best role model to your children by having fun and enjoy repetition!

Parents must not ‘hurry’, ‘give up’ or ’compare’ their children to others. Every child can, but every child will do it at their own pace.

Suzuki Method talks about the “Mother Tongue Method” of learning. The “Mother Tongue Method” is learning music in the way that a child learns their own language, through repetition and praise. When a child speaks their first word, the parent will praise the child and encourage them to say it again. We can use this same ‘method’ in the learning of music.

Just as every child learns how to speak their own language, every child can learn music.
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