The Pre-Twinklers class is for children over 3 years old who are interested in learning the Cello.

The Pre-Twinklers class invloves learning basic music, social and developmental skills as well as skills that apply to the Cello.

This class invloves singing, rhymthic and posture games, basic music skills, general music appreciation and of course, learning to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on the Cello.

About the Music

The Suzuki Cello CD Volume 1 & 2 has all the songs the student will learn on the Cello up to Book 2. By listening ahead to the next songs the student hears a wonderful Cello sound and it makes learning the new song much easier as the child already knows how it goes.

What to do at Home

Play the recording at different times everyday but also establish a set time everyday to practice the Cello activities. This routine well help with the child's progress.

Children respond positively to repetition. Adults however, often become impatient. A child needs sufficient observation of a new activity to boldly try it for the first time. Cajoling, coercion, forcing and begging do not often produce good and lasting results.

Class Times

As these lessons are on an individual basis, Email Emma for inquiries.

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