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Twinkling Tots is a group music class for newborns, babies and toddlers (0-3yrs) and their parents.

The Twinkling Tots class invloves learning basic music, social and developmental skills.

Class Times

Thursdays @ Hutt Valley Riding for the Disabled, Country Lane, Silverstream 

9.30-10.30am Twinkling Tots Class

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About the Music

The music we use in class includes traditional folk songs, lullabies and rhymes. You may be singing some at home already or your parents may have sung them to you. They all tell simple stories or describe experiences that can be related to by all.


What to do at Home

Part of the curriculum is a CD recording of the music used in class. Play the recording at home at different times of the day. Dance with your child letting them feel body movement and the beat. Small children love to be bounced, walked and wheeled around the room to music. Hum or sing them as you perform routine activities with your baby, such as changing or feeding to establish special listening times.

It is important that your child hears you sing the songs and the rhymes many times. They will eventually repeat them too. This experience will help lay the foundation for speaking and reading and the basis of pitch and rhythm. Repetition of the familiar is very important for the young child’s emotional and cognitive development. The repetition on the recording is intended to provide many opportunities for this development.

Children respond positively to repetition. Adults however, often become impatient. A child needs sufficient observation of a new activity to boldly try it for the first time. Cajoling, coercion, forcing and begging do not often produce good and lasting results.


Babies and toddlers develop many of the following skills through the use of this repertoire of lullabies, nursery rhymes and action songs. As you repeat them at home, you will begin to observe your baby trying to imitate your sound. They will watch the actions and gradually begin to do them. Enjoy this process and celebrate each new development, just as you do when the baby utters those first few words.

Listening and Sequencing Skills
Follows simple directions
Listens carefully
Recognises common sounds
Repeats a sequence of sounds
Understanding Size
Big sound, small sound
Big movement, small movement
Pitch and Motion Skills
High, low, up, down
Fast, slow, left, right
Number Skills
Counts orally 1-10
Counts fingers
Knows finger numbers
Motor Skills
Walks, jumps, hops, runs, marches to music
Claps to music
Passes ball to music
Finger plays (Eency, Weency Spider)
Social-Emotional Development
Meets teacher without shyness in weekly class
Can move away from parent comfortably
Maintains self control
Develops independence
Vocabulary Skills
Acquires language
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